Grilled asparagus

Oxtail timbale
Oxtail timbale with mashed potatoes

Laminated artichokes

Patatas bravas
Accompanied by alioli sauce and homemade sauce (Salsa brava)

Black croquettes
Croquettes with squid ink, shrimps, prawns and mussels
with teardrop’s of alioli sauce

Ossobuco croquettes
Stewed Ossobuco croquettes with parmesan sauce

Fried Octopus
Fried octopus with mashed potatoes, micromesclum and Vera paprika

Small casserole of garlic prawns
With garlic sheets and flaming chili with brandy

Portion of Iberian ham
Served with cocoa bread and tomato



Salmon marinated
Salmon marinated in the perfume of lime and mint
with crispy vegetables with black cuttlefish reduction

Milanes Sirloin
Milanes Sirloin with rosemary perfume and Tengo hambre sauce

The Chef’s mussels
Mussels with tomato sauce and basil, croutons and parmesan chees

Eggplants parmigiana
eggplant parmigiana in tomato sauce and mozzarella flower

Fish soup
red prawn, Norway lobster, rock mussels, clams, bacalau


Pasta and rice

Linguine with prawns
Linguine with Argentinan prawns, seafood cream with orange air

Spaghetti with Norway lobster
Spaghetti with Norway lobster and tomato pear and squid ink

Burrata ravioli
Burrata ravioli in Neapolitan sauce

Codfish ravioli
Codfish ravioli and piquillo peppers with mussels sauce

Seafood paella
Pulpo, calamares, colas de gambas, cigalas y mejillones

Black paella
Cuttlefish in ink and alioli sauce

Risotto with norway lobster and pumpkin


Second courses

Pickled Iberic rib
Ribs cooked at low temperatura during 14 hours
with homemade chips with mayonnaise and wasabi

Sirloin steak cooked in volcanic stone surrounded by artichokes

Large chop “Tengo hambre”
Large chop of 500 gr with grilled potatoes

Tuna Tataky
Tuna with pistachio, yogurt & white mint sauce with Piquillo pepper teardrop’s

Salmon with vegetable
Barbecued salmon with vegetable

Big fried mix
Octopus, norway lobster, prawn tails, small cuttlefish and codfish


Homemade desserts


Melted chocolate with fruit


Panna cotta with passion fruit

Black chocolate mousse

Crema catalana with crunchy sugar coating